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  Anti Terrorism Measures

 -School personnel was trained in detecting suspicious person and objects.

-School personnel stands guard at critical locations and check on strangers and suspicious and unattended objects.

-School personnel checks bushes, garbage bins, toilets, and critical areas for suspicious objects and persons.

-Ask all parents to keep watch for stranger.

-Ask all parents to leave campus by 9 am to shut the gate and open  the gate again at 14.30 pm to avoid any terrorist attempts during the day.

-Ask all parents to pick up their child right after the school ends.

-Limit areas outside of buildings where students can go and where teachers can keep an eye on.

-No access to Play House all day

-No access to soccer field before 9 am. and after 3 pm.

-Students who go home themselves must leave school immediately after their last class.

-Students who finish their last class must wait for their parents only on the first floor of St.Anna Bldg.

-Use finger scanning system to prevent any strangers who claim to be parents from picking up students through the use of pictures and finger prints, which were deposited at the beginning of enrollment.

-Presentation of ID when non-parents are picking up students and receptionist contacting parents by phone before releasing students.

-School in regular session unless announced as no school.  Parents may keep their child/ren at home if they do not feel their child/ren will be safe.  Parents however must call the school to let the teacher know.  The school will call back to verify.

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